The Genomics Core Facility, together with the SCC, also offers a comprehensive Bioinformatics service, utilizing advanced computational techniques and algorithms to provide data analysis and interpretation. We specialize in extracting valuable insights from complex biological data, covering genomics, proteomics, and other omics fields.

Our service encompasses a wide range of techniques, including data visualization, statistical analysis, and data integration. We provide tailored solutions to help researchers effectively interpret and present their findings. Additionally, we develop custom pipelines and workflows to streamline data processing, ensuring efficient and reproducible analyses. We also assist users in the development of their own pipelines and workflows, offering guidance and supervision whenever needed.

Our Bioinformatics service caters to various research areas, such as analyzing gene expression patterns, identifying genetic variations, studying microbial communities, and exploring evolutionary relationships. We work closely with researchers to understand their objectives and deliver scientifically rigorous results that drive impactful discoveries. By collaborating with us, researchers can unlock the full potential of their data and gain valuable insights into the intricacies of life sciences.