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I did my PhD at Alfredo Ruiz’s lab (UAB) on chromosome evolution in Drosophila. My research was focused on the study of the fixation rates of chromosomal rearrangements, the molecular mechanisms underlying the generation of chromosomal inversions and the molecular characterization and evolutionary history of transposable elements. In 2004 I started my first postdoc at the UPF, under the supervision of Jaume Bertranpetit. We applied high throughput genotyping and deep sequencing to the study of the human immune system and infectious disease, with particular interest to describe the evolutionary forces acting on host-pathogen interaction genes. From September 2008 I was a postdoctoral researcher at the CHU Sainte-Justine (Université de Montréal). The focus of my research was the development of multiple parallel sequencing technologies to be applied with population genetics methodologies to the study of complex and rare human disease. We also performed resequencing studies for the understanding of genetic variation, and participated in huge international efforts as The 1000 Genomes Project.

My current research interest include the development and application of new experimental methodologies for genetic analyses, the study of the genetic etiology of rare diseases, and the analysis of the genetic variation across human populations, with particular interest in rare functional variants and its relation to disease prevalence. At the Genomics Core Facility we also develop collaborative projects with other UPF laboratories, covering a variety of applications of next-generation sequencing technologies to different research fields.