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Subprogramme: Initial Training


CODDE Co-ordination for optimal decisions in dynamic environments  2008 2012
RISK Risk Management and Risk Reporting   2009 2013
CLARA Common language resources and their applications  2009 2013
RNPnet RNP structure, function and mechanisms of action  2011 2015
NATURIMMUN Natural Killer Cell-Based Anti-Cancer Inmunotherapies: Research training in molecular medicine and biotechnology business  2012 2016
PODER Policy design and evaluation research in developing countries 2013 2017
INDIREA Individualised Diagnostics and Rehabilitation of Attention 2013



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 Subprogramme: International Dimensions


IdChPrimateSDs Identification and characterization of primate-specific duplications and an assessment of intra-specific patterns of selection and copy-number variation  2008 2011
MapbyAdmixtureChl Mapping Genes involved in Psychiatric Disorders by Admixture Linkage Disequilibrium in Chilean populations  2009 2012
MEMPEPACROSS Membrane-active peptides across disciplines and continents: an integrated approach to find new strategies to fight bacteria, denge virus and neurodegeneration  2010 2014
ACTIONCONCEPTS On the conceptual representation of actions  2011 2014
COMINTENT Information transmission in language: do infants perceive communicative intent?  2012 2014
HEALTHBEHAVIOURINLDCS Health-related behaviour and Cost-effectiveness of Delivery Mechanisms of Health Products in Poor Economies: Structural and Experimental Evidence from Insecticide-treated bednets in Orissa (India)   2012 2014
PROSOCOGNITION Prosodic strategies to improve the attention and recall of a listener exposed to an auditory stimulus 2013 2016
MUSMAP Auditory-motor patterning in Music performance via Multi-modal Analysis of Playing technique 2014 2017
DEANN Developing an European American NGS Network 2014 2017

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Subprogramme: Life-long Training


NetMIMO Network Multiple-Input Multiple-Output for Advanced Wireless Systems   2008 2012
COMPLEMENTS Identifying the sign and strength of complements in production   2009 2013
HIVProtMolMech The molecular maturation mechanism of HIV-1 protease   2010 2012
TAMIVIVE Tools and methods for in vivo electroporation   2010 2014
CONSBEHAVIOR Consumer Behavior and Market Equilibrium in Industrial Organization: Identification of structural parameters and implications to public policy  2010 2012
MOLEMPATHY Molecular mechanism of empathy   2011 2013
BICULTURALISM BICULTURALISM: Social Correlates and Individual Differences   2011 2015
LANGEVO Cultural and Biological Bases on Language Evolution   2011 2015
Guodian manuscripts Early Confucian philosophy in the light of the Guodian manuscripts   2011 2013
MDITwACM Mismatched Decoding in Information Theory with Applications to Channel Modelling   2012 2016
New Forecast Methods New Methods for Forecast Evaluation  2012 2016
LocalToGlobal Global Organization from Local Signals in Neural and Artificial Networks   2012 2016
DiverCities Neighbourhood interventions, and social and ethnic mix: the tackling of urban inequalities   2012 2014
LexMean Lexical Meaning and Logical Inference   2012 2014
BILBRAIN Brain functional and anatomical correlates of variability in the degree of success in the learning on the L2 phonemes 2013 2015
INTERACTIONS Investigation of the interaction between external stimulation and ongoing brain activity in cortical networks: analysis, modeling and empirical corroboration 2013 2015
NEUCOD Information-theoretic approach to infer enconding patterns in a decision making process 2013 2015
Local Turn A local turn in migrant integration policies? Local citizenship and integration policy appraches in the context of multi-level governance in Europe 2013 2015
StatInf Statistical Inference and Malliavin Calculus 2013 2017
EURINDIS European Representations of India and Islam: The Jesuit mission at the Mughal court (1580-1773) 2013 2017
UPFellows UPFellows 2013 2018
MODALDET Modal determiners 2014 2016
CEMNet A unified framework for Perceptual Inference in Sensory cortices 2014 2016
FirmsFluctuations Firms, International Trade, and Aggregate Fluctuations 2014 2016
Empirical OrgaIO Empirical Assessment of Intra-Organizational Behavior on Industry Competitiveness 2014 2016
CAND Collective Attitudes and Normative Disagreement 2014 2016
PastoralMod Modelling pastoral adaptation in arid lands: an ethnoarchaeological approach 2014 2016
NiCoSS Niche Construction and Subsistence Shifts: Modelling coevolutionary dynamics between hunter-gatherers and vegetation communities 2014 2016
LEAP LEarning of Archaeology through Presence 2014 2016
MONFISCPOL Design of Fiscal and Monetary Policies: Central Bank Objectives and Public Debt Management   2015   2017

Font: SdR, 17-7-2014.