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Subprogramme: ERC Advanced Investigator Grant


StateBgLatAmerica A Comparative History of the State Building process in Latin America (1820-1870)  2008 2013
InsecureAssets Securities in times of insecurity: asset returns and holdings during political, social and economic crises in Europe, 1900-1950  2009 2014
CompMusic Computational models for the discovery of the world's music  2011 2016
Family polarisation Stratified Family Dynamics: polarizing trends in couple behaviour and parenting  2011 2016
SYNCOM Distributed Computation in Synthetic Cellular Consortia  2012 2017
DYSTRUCTURE The Dynamical and Structural Basis of Human Mind Complexity: Segregation and Integration of Information and Processing in the Brain  2012 2017
INPAINTING Inpainting Tools for Video Post-production: Variational theory and fast algorithms 2013 2018
UNDER CONTROL Mechanisms of cognitive control and language learning 2013 2018
RISK and DIVERSITY Labor Market Risk and Skill Diversity: Implications for Efficiency, Policy, and Estimation 2014 2019
CDAC The role of consciousness in adaptive behavior: A combined empirical, computational and robot based approach 2014


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Subprogramme: ERC Consolidator Grant


PREMETAZOANEVOLUTION Unravelling the unicellular prehistory of metazoans by functional analyses and single-cell genomics 2014 2019
Forecasting New Methods and Applications for Forecast Evaluation 2014 2019

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Subprogramme: ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant


Sorting The Role of Sorting for Estimation, Market Design and Development 2008 2013
Preventing_Conflicts Understanding and preventing conflicts: on the causes of social conflicts, and alternative institutional designs for their prevention 2008 2013
PRIMATESVs Identification and characterization of primate structural variation and an assessment of intra-specific patterns of selection and copy-number variation  2010 2014
MIA Multisensory Integration and Attention  2011 2016
FLINT Finite-Length Information Theory  2011 2016
IP4EC Image Processing for Enhanced Cinematography  2012 2017
BioCon BioCon: Biological origins of linguistic constraints  2012 2017

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