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Identification of novel, selective voltage-gated Cav2.1 calcium channel inhibitors which reverse the gain of channel function produced by Hemiplegic Migraine CACNA1A mutations  Jose Manuel Fernández MIGRAINE RESEARCH FOUNDATION 09/01/2015 31/12/2017
Low-throughput evaluation of novel, selective CaV2.1 inhibitors in animal models of Familial Hemiplegic Migraine: Jose Manuel Fernández MIGRAINE RESEARCH FOUNDATION 01/01/2018 31/12/2019
Data-Driven Natural Product Discovery for Drug Design Marc Güell KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY 01/04/2018 30/06/2019
Enabling skin microbiome as portable genetic extension to the host Marc Güell OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH ONR 06/08/2018 05/08/2021
2/2 Somatic mosaicism and autism spectrum disorder ( Subaward Agreement - NIH project) Tomàs Marquès YALE UNIVERSITY 01/05/2015 31/01/2020
Understanding muscle stem cell functinal decline with aging Purificación Muñoz Association Française pour les Myopaties (AFM) 01/05/2016 30/04/2017
Novel Strategies to rescue stem cell regenerative impairement in DMD Purificación Muñoz Association Française pour les Myopaties (AFM) 06/03/2017 05/03/2018
Understanding and reversing muscle stem cell regenerative decline in MDA Purificación Muñoz MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION 01/08/2016 31/07/2019
Cellular Senescence, a Target for Combating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Purificación Muñoz MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION 01/08/2018 31/07/2021
NICOP - Reconfigurable Biocomputing Circuits (rCBC) Francesc Posas OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH ONR 23/03/2018 22/03/2021
Detection of Growth hormone by LC-MS Analysis Gerard Such WORLD ANTI-DOPING AGENCY 23/11/2015 30/01/2018
Molecular bases in the effectiveness of the treatment of Williams-Beuren syndrome by inhibitors of the monoacyl glycerol lipase Veronica Campuzano Fondation Jérôme Lejeune 10/09/2018 09/09/2019
Linking Strawberries and Politicians: The Electrophysiology of the Bimodal Bilingual Brain Cristina Baus Fundación BIAL 01/09/2017


Towards deterministic channel access in high-density WLANs Boris Bellalta Sillicon Valley Community Foundation 06/07/2017 31/07/2019
Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT): experiencing a digital world in later life Josep Blat Concordia University 01/03/2016 28/02/2018
Exploring brain communication pathways by combining diffusion based quantitative structural connectivity and EEG source imaging: application to physiological and epileptic networks Gustavo Deco Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois 01/03/2017 28/02/2021
The dynamic connectome underlying language in the brain Gustavo Deco DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT 01/03/2018 28/02/2021
Infant learning from the Eyes and the Mouth of a talking face Mathilde Fort Christian Benoît Association 01/07/2015 30/06/2017
Towards a large-scale freely-distributable open dataset for acoustic event recognition Xavier Serra Google Ireland LTD 08/03/2018 07/03/2019
Popular Art, Diversity and Cultural Policies in Post-Migration Urban Settings Ricardo Zapata INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION. IMISCOE 01/04/2015 01/04/2016
Investigating the transition from foraging to farming in southwestern Amazonia: 10,000 years of peopling and landscape anthropization Marco Madella NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 18/07/2017 28/09/2017