Especismo y Lenguaje

New Book edited by Catia Faria and Núria Almiron and published by Plaza y Valdés

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Illusory authenticity: Negotiating compassion in animal experimentation discourse

New article in Discourse Studies by Núria Almiron, Laura Fernández and Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina

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Animal Suffering and Public Relations

New book on The Ethics of Persuasion in the Animal Industrial Complex (Routledge, 2024)

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Climate Obstruction in Spain: From Boycotting the Expansion of Renewable Energy to Blocking Compassion Towards Animals

New Chapter by Jose A. Moreno and Núria Almiron including the impacts of the animal industrial complex

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Lobby contra la compasión: una revisión de la ética de la persuasión ante el sufrimiento de los animales no humanos

Article in Methaodos by Núria Almiron and Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo

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COMPASS Research Project

Lobbying, Compassion, Nonhuman Animals

COMPASS - Lobbying and Compassion. Interest groups, discourse and nonhuman animals in Spain

This project examines how our internal moral compass, compassion, may be prevented from flourishing and developing in modern society through the work of a major public relations and public affairs actor: interest groups. COMPASS addresses one of the most growing moral concerns at present: our relationship with nonhuman animals. 



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