Lobbying against compassion

Article at Methaodos vol. 19 Núm. 2 (2022)

Almiron Roig, N., & Aranceta-Reboredo, O. (2022). Lobby contra la compasión: una revisión de la ética de la persuasión ante el sufrimiento de los animales no humanos. methaodos.Revista De Ciencias Sociales10(2), 410-418. https://doi.org/10.17502/mrcs.v10i2.575

In "Lobbying against compassion: A review of the ethics of persuasion when nonhuman animals suffering is involved", Núria Almiron and Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo review the ethical and theoretical frameworks raised by critical public relations in order to adopt a critical stance towards what they call “lobbying against compassion” —the practice of public relations, mainly lobbying, to justify the exploitation of nonhuman animals by some industries. The authors argue that an ethics of persuasion that incorporates compassion towards the suffering of other animals —and therefore avoids endorsing animal suffering — is unavoidable for public relations theory and practice to be ethically reinforced. 

ethically reinforced.