Antiespeziston topaketak May 2023


Olatz Aranceta Reboredo talked in the antiespeciesist meetings organized by NOR, a collective from Euskal Herria (Basque Country). The event included a roundtable on fatphobia titled ‘Borroka eta ez dieta mahai ingurua’, the live recording of an episode of the podcast Lluvia con truenos, a talk and debate on the ecology we want titled ‘Nahi dugun ecologia’, workshops and more.  

Olatz presented “‘We Care’: espainiako lobby espezisten diskurtsoa”, and the talk addressed the following issues:

How do Spanish animal-exploitation lobbies operate and what discourse do they use? In this talk we will analyse how these lobbies perpetuate animal exploitation (both in the name of science and entertainment). The main objective of this talk will be to reflect on the potential manipulation that these interest groups use to achieve their goal and to acquire tools to combat it.