CritiCC  is a communication research group which adopts an interdisciplinary and critical approach to communication disciplines, structures, issues and subjects.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to the world we live in, and that academic research must be sensitive and engaged with relevant social concerns. Drawing on a critical perspective, we analyze the processes of communication from social and interpersonal communication angles. This includes, for instance, the analysis of hegemonic international media narratives, audience studies, advocacy, strategic communication, public relations and political economy.

Therefore, our work involves both the impacts of media and communication on society, as well as the influence of society on communication practices and institutions. Our research fields include the study of human and nonhuman animals and the natural environment with a focus on vulnerability, gender, ethics, economic and social discrimination, armed conflict and the role of interest groups.


Communication Department

Edifici Roc Boronat (campus del Poblenou)
Roc Boronat, 138
08018 Barcelona

Twitter @criticc_upf

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