Laura Fernández at Asamblea Antiespecista of Madrid

Project briefing with grassroots collective: Mapping of animal exploitation lobbies in Spain


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On Saturday, September 23, 2023, Laura Fernández, member of the COMPASS research project, held a project briefing with the Asamblea Antispeciesista de Madrid. Dr. Fernández talked about the first phase of the project (mapping of animal exploitation lobbies, working paper 2) and explained the preliminary results of our critical discourse analysis on the main interest group of the animal experimentation industry in Spain. 

The Asamblea Antiespecista de Madrid is a grassroots collective that has been working for more than 10 years for animal liberation in the city of Madrid through awareness-raising and protest campaigns. They have been one of the collectives working on the campaign “Cerremos Vivotecnia por los animales”, after unveiling the controversial case of exploitation and violence towards nonhuman animals by the laboratory Vivotecnia in 2021.



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