Back BACES is hiring (again)! (Pre-PhD Research Scholarship)

BACES is hiring (again)! (Pre-PhD Research Scholarship)

12/05/20 - BACES Scholarship (Pre-PhD level) to support research on the history of European Integration 

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The Barcelona Centre for European Studies (BACES) is currenty looking for a candidate will carry out independent research on any topic on the history of European integration as part of a doctoral programme. Topics and approches related to the specific research programme at BACES will enjoy a preference. 

We are looking for a candidate working towards the completion of a doctoral dissertation at any academic institution within the European Union. A minimum requirement for candidates is that they must hold a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, preferably History, Humanities, or Political Sciences.

The scholarship includes an amount of 3,000€ per year for three consecutive years (2020-22), with progress evaluation of the research in December 2020 and December 2021.

You can consult all relevant details for the application at the following Link. 

Please consider that the deadline for application will be May 30th, 2020.




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