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1) What kind of WP do we publish?
2) Editorial and Publishing Policies 
3) Writing and preparing your WP 
4) Submitting your WP 

5) Acceptance and publication of your WP 
6) Further information 




1) What kind of WPs do we publish?


A) Aims and Scope

The BACES Working Papers Series has been conceived as a high-level series of academic publications. They are a multidisciplinary online, open-access collection of original academic work, from consolidated as well as young scholars, specialized in EU Studies. All  WPs submitted to publication in the BACES WP collection need to be related to the key disciplines taught at BACES (i.e. Political Science, History, Law, and Economics), although we may be inclined to read abstract proposals from other social sciences.

The WP are also meant to be a first publication channel for early work. Authors will be encouraged to publish improved versions of their WP in consolidated and refereed journals.


B) Editorial Acknowledgement

The ISSN register for the BACES Working Paper Series, as an online journal, is 2696-4554.. Likewise, each WP will receive a personalized ISBN for publication. All WPs will be edited following the standardized graphic design for the collection and be available at the BACES website and other free library repositories such as those of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).


C)  Typology of WP that we will accept

The official languages of the BACES WPs are English, Spanish, and Catalan. The editors accept original articles between 8.000 and 10.0000 words long. This word limit includes figures/tables/charts, notes, and bibliography. They however exclude abstract, acknowledgements and biography.

In some cases, BACES may be inclined to consider research notes/agenda articles of 3,000-5,000 words. However, these should express a clear advancement of new ideas, research programmes, and methodological approaches over the actual state-of-the-field in a determined research subject. Interest in this kind of articles will be expressed on a case-to-case basis.


D)  Article Preparation Support

Please make sure that your paper is in a final version for publication. All manuscript formatting, figure illustration, and graphical abstract design should already be in an advanced state of elaboration. The editorial board will proceed into a light revision of language and to the final formatting of the paper according to the BACES template. You will be asked to resubmit if the paper is not considered to be at a final stage.




2) Editorial and Publishing Policies


A) Peer-Review Policy 

All papers included in the Series will be submitted to peer-reviewing by the members of the editorial board (BACES Director, deputy Director, and possibly other BACES members). The final response may include comments on possible changes or adaptation for the finalities of the collection.


B) Authorship          
All those having contributed substantively to the production of the paper should be listed as authors. Notwithstanding, contributors who do not meet the criteria of authors should only be listed in the acknowledgement section.


C) Declaration of Conflicting Interests and Data Transparency

The BACES team encourages authors to declare conflicts of interests in their research and to make an effort towards data transparency. Any sources of data for the research should be accompanied by detailed information within the submitted manuscript regarding how the data has been obtained and if there any online repositories and/or other sources.


D) Publication Ethics

The BACES team takes copyright infringement, plagiarism, and other breaches of best practice in publication seriously. In case of any suspects surrounding the matter, we may need to refer to duplication-checking software. If an article is found to have been plagiarised, we will reject the publication and proceed with appropriate measures.

In terms of Prior Publication, please consider that previously published materials are not acceptable for publication as Working Papers. At most, the research may involve expansion of previous argumentation, or new aspects associated to previous research. Conversely, publication in the collection as a WP does not prevent publication in consolidated journals.  




3) Writing and Preparing your Working Paper


A) Text Formatting  

All manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Text should be double-spaced throughout (1,5 pt.) including footnotes and references. Text font size should be 12 point, whereas footnotes should be at font size 10.

Indent quotations over 40 words and remove quotation marks.

Do not italicize quotations.

Please use no more than two levels of headings.

Do not use two headings next to each other without text in-between.

Do not number sections.


B) Artwork, Figures, and other Graphics

All graphical content can be introduced in the main text (either in the main body or at the end as an appendix, please do not forget to add reference such as: Insert Table X around here). However, if the publication includes high-quality pictures or very detailed tables, you may be asked to also provide individual files.

In terms of numbering, please do not forget to list figures sequentially according to their appearance in the text and their typology (i.e. Table 1, Figure 1, Graph 2, etc.).

Make sure that all artwork, figures or graphs are of good digital quality (you may refer, for example, to the Wiley guidelines for reference). If necessary, you may be asked to re-submit any content that is not of publishable quality.


C) Supplementary Material           
The BACES website can in principle host additional materials online (i.e. datasets, pictures, videos, etc.). However, their inclusion on our platform will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. Please refer to the editors for this possibility.


D) Reference Style

The BACES Working Paper Series applies the Harvard Format Citation Style. Please refer to this guide for examples and provide a final version of your paper that follows the editorial rules.




4) Submitting your Working Paper


A) Modality of submission    

At the preliminary stage, we suggest you to write an e-mail to [email protected] by introducing yourself and your research idea (i.e. presentation of an abstract, maximum 500 words). We will provide fast response to your first contact and determine the interest of BACES in publishing your work.

Afterwards, each Working Paper must be submitted via e-mail at the same address above. The e-mail will contain appropriate reference to the author(s), as well as the word document (and graphical files, if needed) associated to the publication. It will also contain a separate document indicating some extra information detailed below. 


B) Information required for completing your submission

Submitting authors are asked to provide contact details and academic affiliations for all people participating into the publication.

Apart from the main word document (and files), authors should also submit a short bio (one or two paragraphs) and, if they wish so, a short abstract of the paper.


C) Copyright and Permissions

If your WP includes non-original illustrations, tables, figures, or lengthy quotations, please make sure that you have obtained necessary permission for reproduction from copyright holders. BACES will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.



5) Acceptance and Publication of your Working Paper

Once we receive your manuscript, we will do our best to provide quick feedback. The document will be submitted to the Editorial Board (BACES Director, deputy Director, and at least another member of the BACES team) for peer-reviewing. We may also ask for some modifications and partial re-submission if we encounter any issues with the general quality of the publication.

Upon official acceptance, your research will be edited according to the BACES template. It will be recorded under our journal ISSN code and provided with a single-author ISBN. Finally, it will be published on our website and equally promoted via BACES & UPF institutional channels. Please consider that the entire process may take from a couple of weeks up to a month in its full management. We will provide relevant communication of all stages of submission process to the author(s).



6) Further Information

Comments, queries or requests for additional information should be addressed to the BACES Editorial Board at the institutional e-mail address: [email protected]