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BACES/JMC Research Conference 2021

BACES and the EUGOV Chair have jointly organised a new edition of the Research Conference on EU studies. This time, it will be centered around the topic of the Europeanisation of Spain and its public policies. Once again, the event will take place via videoconference and it is expected to lead to the production of an edited volume. 



BACES and the EUGov JMChair have jointly organized a new edition of the Research Conference on EU Studies. This time, the event will revolved around a single topic, namely the Europeanization of Spain and its public policies since acquiring EC/EU membership. 

The Conference will gather more than 20 sectoral experts illustrating the main impact/limitations in key public policies (i.e. competition, environment, regional development) led by the adaptation of Spanish regulation to European guidelines. It is expected that the Conference wil lead to the development of a joint edited volume. 

The event will take place online on the UPF Licensed Zoom Platform

Access to the Conference is free, but registration is required via e-mail to [email protected] 


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