Back 2020 Research Conference on EU Studies (Online Edition)

2020 Research Conference on EU Studies (Online Edition)

The JMC EUGov and BACES organize a new Research Conference on EU Studies. It will involve an official online gathering of academic experts for sharing innovative research on EU affairs. Despite the original postponing of the event and the impossibility to celebrate the event at the university premises, this year's activity will be online and it will be accessible for anyone interested. 




The EUGov Team (in collaboration with BACES) is glad to announce the organization of a new edition of the Research Conference in EU studies to be held online through the University digital platforms. 

The RC is understood as an academic gathering of academics from the field of EU studies, coming from a variety of research lines and different university backgrounds. The event, which was initially planned for June 2020, has now been rescheduled for December 2020. Likewise, due to the lack of accessibility to university infrastructure, the organizers have re-arranged the structure of the event as an openly accessible online conference. 

The event will take place on Friday, 18th of December 2020 between 10:00am and 17:00pm. It will be hosted on the Zoom digital platform 

The full list of participants includes researchers from Catalan, Spanish and other European universities (see the list below). There will be up to 6 presentations where speakers will present the results of their research and discuss them with fellow experts. 

A full programme handout can be downloaded here

On the day of the event, you can also attend by clicking on the logo below: 


List of participants: 

Arregui, Javier (UPF)

González de León, Felipe (CSIC) 

Noferini, Andrea (UAB/UPF)

Bouza, Luis (UAM)

Herranz, Anna (Maastricht U.)

Otero, Miguel (R.I. Elcano)

Camonita, Francesco (UPF) 

Kölling, Mario (UNED/M.G.A)

Palau, Anna (UB)

Closa, Carlos (CSIC)

Mathieu, Emmanuelle (Sciences Po)

Perarnaud, Clément (UPF)

Fernández, Ana Mar (UAB)

Mayoral, Juan A. (ICourts/UC3M)

Ripoll, Ariadna (EUI)

Font, Nuria (UAB)

Molina, Ignacio (R.I. Elcano)

Sojka, Aleksandra (UC3M)




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