Duration Four academic years
Fee 4.576,40 € (Approximate price for EU students. Other types)

100 for English and 70 between French, German and Catalan Sign Language

Admissions Access to programme
Branch of knowledge
Arts and humanities

Mornings. Some third- and fourth- year optional subjects may be offered in the afternoon. Students who meet the established requisites may apply to follow the programme on a part-time basis.

Academic year
From September to June
240 ECTS credits
Basic subjects: 62 (16 of which correspond to a study period abroad); compulsory subjects: 122; optional subjects: 48; bachelor's degree final project: 8
English (compulsory) and French, German or Catalan Sign Language. Recommended level at start of programme: at least B1 in English and A1+ in French, German or Catalan Sign Language.