Back Maria Santos, awarded with the 2nd prize of AIPO competition 2017

Maria Santos, awarded with the 2nd prize of AIPO competition 2017



We proudly announce that the final master's degree project of Maria Santos in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (CSIM) at UPF, titled Moving through the past: design and evaluation of a Full-Body Interaction Learning Environment for a Public Space, directed by Marie-Monique Schaper and Narcís Parés, has been awarded with the 2nd prize of the AIPO competition 2017. The prize is awarded by the Human-Computer Interaction Association (AIPO) and will be presented during the conference Interacción 2017, 27th Septiembre de 2017 in Cancún, México.

The aim of Maria's master project was to evaluate suitable design techniques to define the requirements for a site specific learning experience for children in the context of the cultural heritage location Refugi 307, a Spanish bomb shelter in Barcelona. We conducted an ethnographic study and two Participatory Design (PD) workshops to analyse different aspects of the requirements and include multiple needs and viewpoints of the involved children. We also evaluated the user experience of a first prototype. More information about the project can be found here.



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