Exhibition and multi-purpose rooms

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose room made up by a large central space with a superior gallery. Placed in Tànger building's basement, it links directly with the auditorium floor through a wide passage. Lighting per phases, climate control, connectivity through technical floor, WiFi, loudspeakers, projection.



The Poblenou campus, located in the district of innovation of the [email protected], has a modern auditorium with the necessary equipment to organize conferences, congresses, cultural events, products presentations and large meetings. It has a hall of 167 m2 which can be used for catering. 

Presidential table for a maximum of 6 speakers with monitors of visualization, lectern, table and lectern fix microphones, wireless microphones (handheld and clip-on), room loudspeakers, 3 projectors (one in HD) and projector screen (projections may be different and simultaneous), PC at the presidential table, the technic control and connection for laptop both at presidential and at lectern, video recording system in DVD support, 2 cabins of simultaneous interpretation (with two consoles per cabin), 50 recipients of simultaneous interpretation, plugs on the floor to charge mobile devices, cross-platform streaming service, hall, small auditorium, press distributor, WiFi, VIP room and store.


Tànger 55.309

Capacity: 56 people, 4 table microphones, 1 table microphone, 1 microphone per speaker, 1 handheld wireless microphone, 3 video monitors per presidency, stereo loudspeakers, video conference, 2 video cameras, 1 LCD projector, audio and video recording with DVD, computer.