Back Pires, Lara


Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste
Predoctoral - Visiting Researcher

Lara Pires Weissbock has initial training in Pedagogy: Teaching and Educational Management, specialization Lato Sensu in Special Education, master in Geography and is currently PhD student in Geography from the Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste, in Brazil, in the area of ​​studies on the Dynamics of Rural and Urban Spaces. She is a fellow of the Sandwich Doctorate Program of the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination and, through this program, she is a visiting researcher at the Communication Department of the Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. In Brazil he is a member of the Research and Studies Group on Power and Socioeconomic and Territorial Dynamics in Brazil and in Barcelona she is part of the Research Group on Youth, Society and Communication ( Currently she is mainly investigating the topics: territorialities; mobilization and political participation; social movements; youth and theories and methodologies for the study of youth social movements in contemporary times.