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University of Tunis El Manar
Local Researcher, Scientific coordinator & local researcher Tunisia

Sihem NAJAR is a socio-anthropologist, Professor at the ISSHT - University of Tunis El Manar where she coordinated the License of Social and Cultural Anthropology and chaired the Master "Social Change and Strategies of development ". She is also a Research Associate with CAWTAR and IRMC. Her work deals with identity negotiations in a changing social environment (using ICTs, gender relations, youth practices, daily interactions ...). She led a research project at the ONJ with the support of IDRC on "Youth, Legitimacy and Social Recognition in Socio-political Transformation Processes in Tunisia" (2014-2018). She has also coordinated a research program at IRMC on "Virtual Communication and Transformations of Social Connections and Identities in the Mediterranean" (2009-2013). She has directed collective works including:

- Processus d’identification en Méditerranée, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2014.

- Le cyberactivisme au Maghreb et dans le monde arabe, Paris, IRMC/ Karthala, 2013.

- Les réseaux sociaux sur Internet à l’heure des transitions démocratiques, Paris, IRMC/ Karthala, 2013.

- Penser la société tunisienne aujourd’hui, Tunis, Cérès production, 2013.

- Les nouvelles sociabilités du Net en Méditerranée, Paris, IRMC/ Karthala, 2012.