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National School of Political Science
Local researcher Algeria

Kamel Boucherf (Algeria) is currently professor of sociology. He holds a master degree from Aberystwyth University in Great-Britain (1982) and a PhD in Sociology of organisations (2008). He is senior lecturer at the National School of Political Science and Associate Researcher at the Applied Economics Research Center (CREAD) in Algiers. He has conducted a series of research including a comparative approach of the small and medium-sized enterprises in partnership with CNAM, Paris. He also contributed to the realisation of a sociological research on the mutations of the Algerian family within the framework of the national research program (CRASC). He conducted a national study on the phenomenon of child labor in Algeria (INT). He also co-ordinated the qualitative aspect of the international comparative study on youth in the Arab world following the popular uprisings in several Arab countries (SAHWA). His main works are published online.