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Department of Communication. Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Ethnografic coordinator and local researcher Barcelona

Eduard Ballesté Isern has a PhD in Social Anthropology (University of Lleida, Department of Geography and Sociology, 2017), a degree in Geography and Territory Planning (University of Lleida, 2010) and a MA in International Cooperation and Development (University of Lleida, 2012). He has been a visiting researcher at the Universidad Austral de Chile (2017). His fields of interest are: social and political movements, international cooperation, social inequality and segregation, globalization, political anthropology, youth groups, activism, youth and politics. He has participated in different national research projects (GENIND and GARJUVE) and international research projects (CRIC and SAHWA). He has co-edited the book What was the Indignant Spring? Social movements, youth and politics in three continents (Editorial Milenio, 2018) with José Sánchez García and Carles Feixa.