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Department of Communication. Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Researcher Assitant

César Andrade Arteaga (Pórtoviejo, Manabi-Ecuador 1976) has been a member of the ALKQN (Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation) since 1994. At that time the activities and projects of the nation were internal and were not publicly recognized by the authorities. In 2003 he arrived to Madrid (Spain) with the purpose of working and help his family. In the year 2005-2006 they found in Barcelona the opportunity to constitute a part of the ALKQN-Spain in a legally constituted youth organization called "Cultural Organization of Kings and Queens of Catalonia". Since then he has participated in several youth projects of the CIIMU (institut d'infanta i món urba) together with Carles Feixa, where the process of legalization of the association Ñeta and the Latin Kings also began. He participated in the socio-cultural project "UNIDOS POR EL FLOW" where the Ñetas and the Latin Kings came together to put an end to the stereotypes and work for the young people of the street doing conflict mediation work. That's when the video clip 'unidos por el flow' was released. He has worked in the in several cultural projects of the FEDELATINA, highlighting the release of the first musical CD: The Royal Life Latin Kings in Primitive State. He has also participated in the project directed by Luca Queirolo "Buscando Respeto", where the film with the same name was produced. Currently he participates in the "TRANSGANG" project.