Back TIDE participated in a Department Research Seminars

TIDE participated in a Department Research Seminars



UCA EiTIC Research Seminar, May 24th 
How to do good experiments online / Good practices for online experiments

User experiments can be crucial for researchers who need to evaluate methods involving humans, or gather human-generated data. The Web has created an alternative to expensive lab experiments: online and crowdsourcing experiments are valuable resources for research which can bring many advantages. However, online experiments introduce different challenges which need to be addressed carefully in order to be accurately performed. This seminar aims at sharing good practices when performing online-based experiments as well as crowdsourcing research. First this talk will give an overview of the ways in which online experiments can be used. Then, the following researchers from the department will present their work and share valuable advices:

  • Xavier Favory will present Freesound Datasets, a collaborative platform for the creation of open audio datasets.
  • Maria Rauschenberger will draw your attention to  possible pitfalls and lessons learned from conducting a online experiment for children at the age of 7 till 12 for different languages with a web-game.
  • Davinia Hernández-Leo will present the Integrated Learning Design Environment 2 (ILDE2), a community platform for learning design.

Background material

Making better use of the crowd. NIPS 2016, ACL 2017, and KDD 2017

Instructor: Jenn Wortman Vaughan



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