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Jim Goodell visiting TIDE


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Jim Goodell is visiting TIDE and the ICT Department at UPF this week. 

Jim is the editor of The Learning Engineering Toolkit: Evidence-Based Practices from the Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, and Beyond and co-author of the Science of Remote Learning and Student-Centered Learning: Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning. He is a nationally recognized expert on education data standards, leader of standards development for the U.S. Department of Education sponsored Common Education Data Standards (, Chair of IEEE's Learning Technology Standards Committee, network facilitator for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's T3 Innovation Network and has served as a judge for the XPRIZE Digital Learning Challenge. His work has led to greater coordination among key national and international data standards organizations. He works with leaders at state and local education agencies, education service providers, post-secondary institutions, military and corporate learning and development innovators, and federal program staff on data standards, next generation learning models, strategic planning, organizational development, policy development, process improvement, data systems architecture/policies, and technology implementation. Results of this work support student learning through education agencies/institutions and the millions of students they serve.

We enjoyed his participation in a TIDE group meeting and a research seminar with the following title and abstract:

Title: A Foundational Guide to Learning Engineering

Abstract: Learning engineering is a process and practice that applies the learning sciences using human-centered engineering design methodologies and data-informed decision-making to support learners and their development (IEEE ICICLE).  Ausubel (1978), and others have asserted the importance of background knowledge for effective new learning. This session is designed to expose foundational concepts and interconnections across various domains of learning engineering as background knowledge for future learning.







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