GRITIM-UPF organises PhD Working Sessions on a trimestral basis for the GRITIM PhD students to present and exchange comments on the essence of their ongoing research. In addition there will be interaction between PhD candidates and GRITIM senior researchers.
The aim of the PhD Working Sessions is to create a shared setting in which students can talk about their work in progress and garner feedback from fellow students and supervisors within GRITIM. Interested students will participate with an extended abstract (approx. 1.000 words indicating current stage in the project, research question, difficulties, methodology), which will be object of discussion during the sessions.

For further information, contact Juan Carlos Triviño ([email protected]).

From December 2013, GRITIM-UPF PhD working sessions became GRITIM-UPF Research in progress sessions

Past Sessions



20th of March (12:00-14:00). Rm. 20.237. Edifici Jaume I- Campus Ciutadella)

1. Fabrizio Constantino: The Economic Drivers of Illegal Immigration -  How does the economy impact the flows of illegal immigrants into the USA and the EU?

2. Nuria Franco GuillénMinority Nations, Political Parties and Immigration.


8th of May (12:00-14:00). Room 20.287. Jaume I Building. Ciutadella Campus. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Eva Maciocco: Cultural Diversity and Creative Insight. See the abstract. 

Francesco Pasetti: State's Ethics in Family Migration Policy. A comparative studySee the abstract



15th March 2012 (12:00 - 14:00. Rm.23103 Edifici Mercè Rodoreda - Campus Ciutadella)

1. Simon MacMahon: "Finding their voice? Romanian immigrant associations in Barcelona" (Kings College London)


24th May 2012 (12:00 - 14:00. Rm.23103 Edifici Mercè Rodoreda - Campus Ciutadella)

1. Yoav Duman: "Contingent otherness? Immigration policies and incorporation in divided societies" (University of Washington)

2. Lydia Repke: "Biculturals' multiple Self-Identifications and Social Networks - The case of German Turks" (GRITIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

17th December 2012 (12:00-14:00. Rm. 20287 Edifici Jaume I-Campus Ciutadella)

1. Juan Carlos Triviño: "Political parties and immigrant associations: Alliances in the resolution of local conflicts related to diversity. A framework for empirical analysis" (GRITIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

2. Catrin Edwards: "Immigration and languages in three communities: Catalonia, Wales and Quebec" (International Politics Department. Aberystwyth University)



23rd May 2011

1. Vicent Climent-Ferrando: "Language as a source of identity and nation building of minority nations and (nation)-States in comparative perspective: the cases of Catalonia and France" (GRITIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

2. Juan Carlos Triviño Salazar: "Decaffeinated participation: The legitimating process of policies of consultation for immigrant groups: the case of consultative bodies for immigrants in Andalusia, Basque Country and Catalonia" (GRITIM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

24 November 2011

1. Roxana Barbulescu: "Varieties of immigrant integration. Comparative study of integration policies in Italy and Spain" (European University Institute, Florence, Italy)



19th November 2010

1. Tamara Bokuchava: "Listening to the voices of Colombian refugees in Barcelona" 

2. Anne van Ewjik: "Diversity within police forces: a framework for comprehensive policy analysis"