GRITIM-UPF is an Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Catalonia). It is made up of researchers from different disciplines, who are interested in aspects of innovation and management of change processes arising from human mobility and immigration. The group's main objectives are to promote theoretical and applied research related to political and social agendas and, in particular, to contribute to the definition of a Mediterranean approach. 

Basic priorities of GRITIM

  1. Research: GRITIM-UPF conducts social science research from a multidisciplinary perspective applying multi-method approaches. GRITIM-UPF has numerous current and completed projects at the national and international level. Research areas: Applied normative theory, Border & Human Mobility, Citizenship & Diversity, Discourse & Discrimination, Law & Rights, Multilevel Governance & Politics, Qualitative Research Methods, Society & Civil Society. 
  2. Teaching and training: GRITIM-UPF promotes the Master in Migration Studies and links with other European Masters. The group also supports predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers applying for fellowships and visiting scholarships (Marie Curie, Juan de la Cierva, Beatriu de Pinós, Alianza 4 universidades...).
  3. Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building Promotion: GRITIM-UPF organizes Seminars SeriesWorkshopsResearch in Progress SessionsQualitative Methods Research Seminars and other seminars and conferences according to the group's research interests. Apart from that, GRITIM-UPF publishes quarterly a Working Paper Series and at least once a year a Policy Series.

Scientific Committee

GRITIM-UPF has a scientific committee of senior researchers that manages academic and research related decisions, and guarantees the high level of quality of the group activities and initiatives. The committee is composed by: