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Departament de Ciències Polítiques i Socials - Personal de Suport a la Recerca

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Dr. Gabrielli is currently is a post-doctoral research fellow at the GRITIM - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, since January 2013, and participates to the research project INTERACT, funded by the European Commission.

Dr. Gabrielli is also associate researcher at Centre Emile Durkheim, Sciences Po Bordeaux, and a reviewer for several social sciences journals.

Dr. Gabrielli received a B.S. in Law from the University of Trento (2001), a DEA (MAS) in "political analysis of Africa and Southern Countries", from CEAN-Science Po Bordeaux (2002), and a Ph.D. in political science from LAM-Science Po Bordeaux, (2011). His Ph.D. dissertation examined the development of Spanish immigration policy, underlying his ambiguities and ambivalences through the case of West African migrations.

Before joining GRITIM, Dr. Gabrielli has worked as researcher for EUNOMAD - European Network on Migration and Development (financed by European Commission - DCI-NSA/2010/243-839), where he has realised the European report "Migration and Development: state of art 2011" (2011-2012). He also worked as researcher on "Socialisation processes of sons of Senegalese and Gambian families in Catalunya", for the Fundació Jaume Bofill, Barcelona (2008-2009).

Dr. Gabrielli was member of the "GARNET Network of Excellence on Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: the Role of the EU" (EU FP6-2002-Citizens 3 of the European Commission), JERP: The EU and Africa, directed by Oliver Costa and Daniel C. Bach (2005 to 2009). He was also member of the research project "MIPMUE - International Migration and Mediterranean Politics", directed by Ángel Chueca Sancho, Zaragoza University (2011-2012); the research group  "Régionalismes et régionalisation: relations et enjeux inter-hémisphériques" of CEAN - Sciences Po Bordeaux, directed by Daniel Bach (2003-2010); the project Intercentre « Délibération et gouvernance dans la formation et la transformation des espaces publics: comparaisons internationales » of  IEP de Bordeaux - Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, supported by the Aquitaine Region (2006-2009).

Dr. Gabrielli was granted a  Marie Curie Fellowship for doctoral research of the European Commission at Deusto University of Bilbao - European Doctorate Program of "Migration, Territory and Conflict" (2003 -2004), and a Fellowship by Bofill Foundation (Barcelona) for PhD researches on interactions between West-African migration flows and immigration policies in the case of Catalunya (2006 -2007).



International migration policy; External dimension of European immigration policies;  "Migration - Development" nexus; Multilevel governance of migration flows (Supranational, National and Regional immigration policy); Europeanization process of immigration policy; Securitisation of immigration issue in Europe; Spanish migration policy.


Migration and border in Euro-African space; Migration issue in Euro-African relations; Migration and transit migration in the West Mediterranean area;; Regionalism and Regionalisation dynamics in migration management;


Migratory systems between Europe and Africa, in the Euro-Mediterranean space and inside the African continent; African migration dynamics to Europe; Migratory networks and transnational spaces in West African migration; Socialization process of migrants' sons in host countries.


Post-Graduate level: Diversity and immigration  policies; The Foundations of Immigration Policies; Management of Human Mobility in the Mediterranean; EU-Africa relations.

Visitor professor: EU-Africa relations; West African migration flows to Europe; Immigration issue in relations between Europe and North of Africa ; Immigration issue as a contemporary "governmentality" tool; Social en ethnolinguistic structures in West Africa; Education systems in Senegal and Gambia.


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Gabrielli, L. (2011), "European immigration policies outside the Union: An impact analysis on migration dynamics in North African transit areas" in The challenge of the threshold. Border closures and migration movements in Africa, edited by Jocelyne Streiff-Fénart and Aurélia Segatti, Lexington Books, Lanham MD,  pp. 3-16.

Gabrielli, L. (2010), "La inmigración "informal" en la relaciones entre Europa y África Subsahariana", in Derechos Humanos, inmigrantes en situación irregular y Unión Europea, edited by Ángel G. Chueca Sancho, Lex Nova, Valladolid, 2010, pp. 25-38.

Gabrielli, L. (2008), "Flux et contre-flux entre l'Espagne et le Sénégal. L'externalisation du contrôle des dynamiques migratoires vers l'Afrique de l'Ouest", Asylon(s), n° 3,  March, special issue "Migrations et Sénégal. Pratiques, discours et politiques" , edited by E. Bouilly et N. Marx (online:

Gabrielli, L. (2007), "Les enjeux de la question migratoire dans les relations de l'Union Européenne avec l'Afrique", Politique européenne, n° 22, Apring, special issue "La sécurité européenne: nouveaux enjeux, nouveaux territoires", edited by S. Lavenex and F. Merand, pp. 149-173.

Other publications:

Gabrielli, L. (2012), "Migration, Integration et Développement: état des lieux 2011 / Migration, integration and Development: state of affairs 2011", EUNOMAD - European Network on Migration and Development, June, 103 pp (french and english versions).

Gabrielli, L. (2010), "Los procesos de socialización de hijos i hijas de familias senegalesas y gambianas en Cataluña", Fundació Jaume Bofill, Barcelona, 200 pp., March, (online:

Gabrielli, L. (2009), "Développement et migrations dans l'espace euro-africain: L'émergence d'une nouvelle conditionnalité migratoire ? ", Cahier de la Coopération, special issue on Migration and Development, March, CNCD, Bruxelles, pp. 14-16.

Gabrielli, L. (2008), "Migrations et développement dans l'espace euro-africain .La "conditionnalité migratoire" et le risque de détournement de l'aide", Eyes on Europe, Autumn, pp. 52-54.