INTERACT : Researching third country nationals' integration as a three-way process. Immigrants, countries of emigration and countries of immigration as actors of integration.


December 2012 - December 2014

This 24-months European project is funded by the European Commission (DG Home Affairs) and by the research consortium's partners (10% of co-financing).


Proyect overview:

INTERACT project looks at the ways governments and non-governmental institutions in origin countries, including the media, make transnational bonds a reality, and have developed tools that operate economically (to boost financial transfers and investments); culturally (to maintain or revive cultural heritage); politically (to expand the constituency); legally (to support their rights).

INTERACT project explores several important questions: To what extent do policies pursued by EU member states to integrate immigrants, and policies pursued by governments and non-state actors in origin countries regarding expatriates, complement or contradict each other?  What effective contribution do they make to the successful integration of migrants and what obstacles do they put in their way?


The research consortium:

The project involves universities and research centre in different countries. It is coordinated by the European University Institute - Migration Policy Centre , Florence, and associates the following partners:

CEDEM - Université de Liège

GRITIM - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Migration Policy Institute Europe, Brussels

The investigators of GRITIM-UPF involved in this project are: Ricard Zapata-Barrero (GRITIM-UPF director),  Lorenzo Gabrielli (GRITIM-UPF researcher), Blanca Garcés (Juan de la Cierva Researcher),  Elena Sánchez (GRITIM-UPF doctorant) and Francesco Pasetti (GRITIM-UPF doctorant).


Contact: [email protected][email protected],  [email protected][email protected] and [email protected]



Gabrielli, L. and Zapata-Barrero, R. (2015). A reappraisal of the Hirschman 'exit, voice and loyalty' scheme to interpret immigrants' political participation in their origin countries. Migration Policy Centre; INTERACT Research Report; Conceptual Paper; 2015/11.

Gabrielli, L. (2015) . Corridor report on France : the case of Turkish and Tunisian immigrants. Migration Policy Centre; INTERACT Research Report; Corridor Report; 2015/14.

Gabrielli, L. (2015) . Corridor report on Spain : the case of Ecuadorian and Moroccan immigrants. Migration Policy Centre; INTERACT Research Report; Corridor Report; 2015/15.

2013: The political participation of immigrants in host countries: An interpretative framework from the perspective of origin countries and societies by Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Elena Sánchez-Montijano (GRITIM - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and Thibaut Jaulin (Migration Policy Centre, EUI)  



23-24, October, 2014: INTERACT International Workshop