I have translated a couple of fictional books on journalism. The first one was the first known playwork on ournalism, Ben Jonson's The Staple of News (1626). I translated it during my stay as Visiting Fellow at Oxford University in 1998-1999.

The second one was done during my stay at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. One of my Brazilian colleagues, Elias Machado, talked me about Lima Barreto, recommended me to read his Recordaçoes do escrivao Isaías Caminha, and I translated it into Spanish, alongisde with some chronicles and short stories by the same author.

Barreto, Lima; Diaz Noci, Javier (trad. e introducción). Recuerdos del escribano Isaías Caminha. 1 ed. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco, Servicio Editorial; 2008. Traducció de: Barreto, Lima. Recordações do escrivão Isaías Caminha.

Jonson, Ben; Diaz Noci, Javier (trad.). El Comercio de noticias y Noticias del Nuevo Mundo descubierto en la Luna. 1 ed. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco; 2002. Traducció de: Jonson, Ben. The Staple of News and News from the New World Discover'd in the Moone.

Some other translations include the first PhD dissertation on journalism (Peucer, Tobias: De Relationibus Novellis. Leipzig, 1690) into Basque, with a preface: Kazetaritzari buruzko lehen doktore-tesia, euskaratua. Uztaro, 50, 2004: 59-75.

I also translated from Italian into Spanish a chapter by Achille Neri on a journalist from the seventeenth century, Piero Antonio Socini fromTorino. The original was entitled Un giornalista del secolo XVII, in Passatempi letterari. Genoa: Tipografia del R. Istituto Sordo-muti, 1882: 49-61. The translation's title is Un periodista del siglo XVII.