One of the main topics I deal with in my undegraduate courses is newswriting, in its many forms: news and op-ed, newswriting in the press, on radio and television, and on the Internet. I have mainly dealt with news (see, for instance, Géneros periodísticos informativos, and online handbook in Spanish), but also with argumentation, opinion and newswriting (see Periodismo y argumentación, 1996)

I am proud since I published the first handbook on newswriting in Basque language, first entitled Kazetaritza-idazkuntzarako eskuliburua and in its second edition just Informazio-generoak, which during many years has been a recommended work for those who in the University of the Basque Country were trained to be journalists in their own minority language. I published some other handbooks in Basque language (Komunikabideen ereduak, or Media models). Some others, for instance Idazketa irratian eta telebistan [Newswriting for radio and television] remained unpublished but are accessible now. Another previously unpublished volume is Euskarazko kazetaritzari buruzko ihardunaldiak.

I am also very proud since the first handbook on newswriting for online journalism in Spanish was coordinated by me and Ramón Salaverría. It was published in 2003: Manual de redacción ciberperiodística [Handbook of Online Journalism Newswriting] and gathered many scholars from Spain who worked at the period. Some other materials are accessible on the Internet, for instance a handbook designed for the University of the Basque Country's virtual campus (Periodismo electrónico multimedia, in both Spanish and Basque language versions).

During my professional life, I have taught in some other languages as well. Occassionaly, I have offered some seminars in Portuguese or Italian:

Seminario intensivo Disciplinas de la comunicación y tecnologías multimedia: La scrittura digitale y Architettura dell'informazione . Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y de la Comunicación, Universidad del País Vasco, 10-14 de noviembre de 2003.

Another texts on newswriting are:

Diaz Noci, Javier. Las raíces de los géneros periodísticos interpretativos: precedentes históricos formales del reportaje y la entrevista. Estudios sobre el mensaje periodístico 2000; (6): 135-152.

Diaz Noci, Javier. Euskara komunikabideetan, italieraren edo irlandesaren ereduraino? = El euskera en los medios de comunicación ¿hacia el modelo italiano o irlandés?. Euskonews & Media 1998; (4): 1-2. 

Diaz Noci, Javier. Gerra aurreko kazetaritza eta hizkuntz-ereduak. Anuario del Seminario de Filología Vasca Julio de Urquijo: International Journal of Basque Linguistics and Philology 1994; 28(3): 791-835.