Dr. Abdulsamet Günek (Atatürk University) presented his Doctoral Thesis entitled: “Public Diplomacy in accordance with strategic Communication Approach: A proposal Model for Turkey”


On Friday 13th of April, Dr. Abdulsamet Günek from Atatürk University presented his Doctoral Thesis entitled: “Public Diplomacy in accordance with strategic Communication Approach: A proposal Model for Turkey” at our Communication Department where months ago he undertook a visiting scholar stay.



We learn about advertising

A session for the students of the Escola Sant Martí was undertaken at UPF participated in the game "We learn about Advertising", a pedagogical strategy to sensitize and educate about the images of advertising and its effects.



Dr. Lluís Mas, Dra. Maddalena Fedele and Dra. Olatz Larrea published an article in the Mediterranean Journal of Communication about the how ads for children under 9 years old only present young slender, white skin and brown hair characters.

The ads for children under 9 years old present mostly young slender, white skin and brown hair characters according to a study published in the Mediterranean Journal of Communication undertaken by the director of our research group Dr. Lluís Mas together with the researchers Dra. Maddalena Fedele (Ramon Llull University) and Dra. Olatz Larrea (UIC-International University of Catalonia).



Mediacorp one of the projects on health research at UPF

MediaCorp one of many health projects of Pompeu Fabra University was presented on March 1 at the IV Biennial Conference of the Catalan Network of Healthy Universities (US.cat). 



LA VANGUARDIA: Brand communication and re-positioning: Huawei's innovative strategy.


Professor José Fernández Cavia analyzes the company's commitment to influence marketing. Read all about it here.



Mediacorp presented the latest New Research Table

Last Thursday, February 15th, a monographic session of the New Research Table (henceforth TNR) was dedicated to the project "MediaCorp: ¿Mi cuerpo me gusta?"  funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (CSO2014-58220-R) that just accomplished one more year of extension. Mediacorp has been carried out in the Department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University since 2014 by  Dra. Mónika Jiménez-Morales and Dra.Pilar Medina Bravo with the support of our Research Group. 



The Mediacorp Event was a great success

Tuesday 6th of February the MediaCorp project of our research group organized a conference about Advertising and Body Image: ¿Mi cuerpo me gusta? (Do I like my body?) inaugurated by Dr. Josep Fernández-Cavia, head of the Communication Department at UPF and research member of our group and Mònika Jiménez Morales main researcher of the project and Senior Lecturer in the Communication Department at UPF.



First CAS Meeting of 2018

The first friday of February (2nd) took place the first CAS meeting, an agreed space where the group is updated with the projects of each one of the members in it, and where the issues that are directly associated with the management of the group are discussed.                               







The International Place Branding Association Conference (IPBA 2017) in Swansea, Wales

On December 4th, the line of research based on Place Branding of the CAS group, will embark on a trip to Swansea, UK, place of the IPBA congress (International Place Branding Assosiation). 4 people, 4 presentations, 3 days and many kilometers traveled still reap their fruits. Here's a the hole story by Jasmin Sera. Don't miss it.




On the Mediacorp event: Panel in Maternity and Body Image

On the Event organized by MediaCorp on the 6th of February there will be a panel in relationship with body image and the role of maternity. 


A research on TV news for children, the first prize of the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia

Corresponds to doctoral research Children's news. Topics, information quality and audience reception around Newsround, Logo and InfoK, defended by Marta Narberhaus Martínez in December 2016, supervised by Mònica Figueras Maz, lecturer at the Department of Communication.


The dolls are dieting and the heroes go to the gym - Mònika Jiménez in LA VANGUARDIA

Professor Mònika Jiménez Morales points out gender stereotypes in children's advertising.



Event organized by MediaCorp that, within the framework of a real knowledge transfer, intends to be a meeting of exchange of experiences and reflection among the different actors involved in the construction of the body image in relation to advertising, especially of the public more vulnerable as children.

Click on the image for more info


New Zeland Research Stay - Jasmin Séra


Jasmin Séra, PhD student of the CAS research group spent three months (September 2017-December 2017) fully immersed conducting ethnographic fieldwork and (expert-) interviews for her PhD project about (cultural-) identity in New Zealand.



Meet our new Ph.D. candidates: Lorena Abuin, Anna Ventura, Noélia Herrero and Marta Lopera

The research group CAS welcomes the new Ph.D. candidates: Lorena Abuin, Noélia Herrero, Anna Ventura and Marta Lopera. 



Christmas Event


On Tuesday December 13th the members of the research group CAS met up to enjoy the Christmas lunch of this year that was carried out at Hotel SB Glow.From all the team we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Dolls make diet and the heroes go to the gym

DIARI INDEPENDENT DEL PENEDÈS has published Mònika Jímenez 's article about the gender stereotype of childhood advertising is reinforced by the recurring issue of the rose for girls and the blue for children, which becomes a kind of invariable premise.

Don't miss it!



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