The work of CAS has focused on three branches of study:

–Tourist brands and place branding.
–Influence of advertising messages on body image of children and adolescents.
–Sound studies and psychophysiological measures. 

PhD students support research activity for the accomplishment of the defined three strategic challenges. Today CAS is positioned as a research group in strategic and persuasive communication with a specific focus on three branches –place branding strategies, body image in advertising and sound studies in persuasive communication. Not only have these three lines of research matured and evolved internationally in terms of scientific progress and social and economic impact, but they tend to converge strategically. The activity and profile of current members and new members is evolving towards an increasing internationalization and convergence of these three branches. 

Place branding line is coordinated by Dr José Fernández-Cavia. This line was reinforced in 2014 with a new 3 year project. As a result, three theses are going to be presented in the next few weeks (PhD student Beatriz González, PhD student Sara Vinyals and PhD student Marina López). Also, this branch actively collaborates with four public institutions and gained a funding agreement in the last three years. Also, the website ( is a channel of social and economic impact. 

The Body Image line of research, is coordinated by Dr Mònika Jiménez and it was also funded with a 3 year project in 2014, which brought the incorporation of a PhD Student (Roberto Sánchez). In addition, Doctor Maddalena Fedele, former A41 grant holder and currently affiliated to Ramon Llull University, is now an intense collaborator of this line.

The sound studies and media psychology line of research thanks to the incorporation of Doctor Emma Rodero (former Marie Curie grant holder and member of the Group of Prosodie, UAB and UPF; coordinator of this branch), Lluís Mas (former research in UAB and collaborator of CAS, current CAS coordinator) and the presentation of a thesis (Doctor Olatz Larrea). 



Department of Communication

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The influence of communication in the human behavior.