• Body Image of Children and Teenagers 
  • Place Branding: Place Branding is the process of creating and managing a brand representing a city, a region, or a country and understanding the place brand as the “network of associations in the place consumers’ mind based on the visual, verbal, and behavioral expression of a place and its’ stakeholders” (Zenker and Braun, 2017). In this research line, we analyse how different stakeholders contribute to the place brand, the visual representation role, the digital managing of place brand personality, the influence of the tourism communication, or the relationship between place brands’ reputation and the Sustainable Development Goals. ​
  • Media Psychology and Psychophysiology: In Media Psychology, we study the cognitive processes, emotions, and behavior underlying media and technology interactions (uses and effects). We analyze the subjects’ physiological response (heart rate, skin conductance, emotional response…) to understand how they perceive, process, and respond to media messages (radio, audio, podcast, audiobooks, television…) and the interaction with technology (Virtual Reality, Smart Speakers…).




The influence of communication in the human behavior.