CAS has three research lines:


  • Media Psychology and Psychophysiology is coordinated by Dr. Emma Rodero. This research line studies the cognitive processes, emotions, and behavior underlying media interactions (media uses and effects). We apply psychological theories and psychophysiological methods to understand how individuals and groups perceive, process, and respond to the media.


  • Body image of children and teenagers is coordinated by Dr. Mònika Jiménez. It is a line of research that analyzes the influence of advertising on the process of construction of body image in children and teenagers. Through methodologies of qualitative analysis, this branch of research also studies in depth the incidence of advertising discourse in the development of pathologies related to body images. ​


  • Place branding is coordinated by Dr. José Fernández-Cavia. This research line analyses the application of branding strategies to places -cities, regions, nations- from an interdisciplinary perspective, but basically from a communication approach. Tourism, online communication, cultural identity, public diplomacy, graphic design or transmedia strategies are some of our specific topics of interest in the field. 

Today CAS is positioned as a research group in strategic and persuasive communication with a specific focus on three branches –place branding, body image, and media psychology-. The activity and profile of current members and new members are evolving towards an increasing internationalization and convergence of these three branches. 

Department of Communication

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The influence of communication in the human behavior.