Atrás CSIM master thesis results

CSIM master thesis results



CSIM master students happily smiling after the final presentation of their master thesis results. Well done everybody !!

The mission of CSIM is to train the future generation of researchers and professionals that will investigate, develop and engineer the CSIM artifacts that will populate our current and future societies.  
The CSIM program is based on the convergence of three fields of knowledge: cognitive science, interactive technology and interactive media. 
The program will achieve its goal through a fundamental interdisciplinary approach to instill a deep understanding of the design, construction, development, deployment and analysis of CSIM artifacts combined with the practical skills to realize them.
The CSIM program aims at training integrators of such CSIM artifacts.

Master Theses and their associated projects are an extremely important part of the master.

The master thesis and the project bring together all the knowledge acquired during CSIM.

Students must develop some sort of artifact, pose a hypothesis and either prove it true or refute it.

It is a perfect mix of hands-on design, construction and deployment of the artifact with scientifically sound methods to support, justify and evaluate everything.

Students are immersed in the research groups that host their master thesis project. This immersion not only places students in a rich research environment with other master students, PhD students, post-docs and senior researchers, but also gives them acces to unique infrastructure that is not easy to find elsewhere.



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