Academic staff (Personal Docent i Investigador - PDI)

  • Núria Sebastian (president)
  • Coloma Ballester
  • Laura Becerra
  • Davinia Hernández-Leo

Administrative staff

  • Sonia Espí Fernández
  • Verónica Moreno Oliver
  • Aurelio Ruiz García

Undergraduate students

  • Martí Esquius
  • Sebastián Padilla
  • Xavier Parellada Ubach

Postgraduate students

  • Marina E. Almenzar
  • Emma Fraxanet

The work of the Commission for the academic year 2023-24 is organised around the following actions:

A1: General information and participation in UPF Equality Commission

  • Contribution and adaptation of UPF equality plan to DTIC
  • Explicit inclusion on non-binary identities

A2: Best practices

(Zotero group for literature)

  • Recruitment
    • Inclusion of LOSU, article 65 ("Promoción de la equidad entre el personal docente e investigador") in recruitment processes
    • Biases in recruitment processes (in cooperation with SOMMa)
  • Event organisation
    • Promotion of inclusive practices (speakers, participants, contents)
  • Protocols against harrassment

A3: Education

  • New students.
    • Monitoring and promotion of female participation in engineering studies
  • Professional success of current students
  • Gender perspective in teaching
  • Student perspective on equality
  • Awards and opportunities.

A4: Academic and administrative staff