We offer the following three types of studentships:

  • The University offers one tuition fee waiver for an amount of 2,000€. More information.
  • The Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation offers two 5.000€ scholarships to students with Spanish nationality, an excellent bachelor's academic record and admitted to the Research Master in Sociology and Demography, the Master in Political Philosophy or the Research Master in Political Science. You can check the information in Spanish and Catalan.

Decisions on scholarships are taken at the end of every registration period, or postponed until the end of the final period of registration (July) if there are no outstanding candidates in previous periods. Hence, there is an incentive for candidates with excellent backgrounds to apply early. For information about registration periods click here (you will be redirected to a page outside the master's site). 



All students (both EU and Non-EU nationals) who formally request a scholarships (see "how to apply" below for instructions) and who are admitted to the master program will be considered as potential recipients of the grants. 

Decisions on Type A scholarships are based exclusively on academic background (average GPA, quality of the institution where the credential was obtained)

Decisions on Type B of scholarships are based on:

  1. Candidates' academic background (GPA average and quality of postgraduate credentials) (70%)
  2. Candidates' fit with Area's research interests (previous studies in Sociology or Demography are a plus) (10%)
  3. Candidates' financial needs (please, write a brief note justifying them) (10%)
  4. Other considerations (departmental needs and interests) (10%)


How to apply

For type A scholarships fill in the form that you will find in the UPF admissions website and attach it to your application for admission to the Master in Sociology and Demography.

You can apply to both types of studentships but are eligible to receive only one.



Decisions will be made at the end of each registration period among candidates who applied for admission to the Master during such registration period and who were admitted to the programme, and among candidates who applied in previous registration periods and were placed in a waiting list as potential recipients of the grant.


Other studentship

For information on studentships offered by other institutions, visit the university's official page.