Teaching and EHEA

The conception of the university as a social element of great responsibility in the management of knowledge of citizens and the impact of this role in the growth and competitiveness of countries, have been key objectives in determining and prioritizing actions in the field of teaching improvement.

The actions presented in this field of action cover four areas of activity: the quality of teaching and learning improvement; the internationalization; the promotion of postgraduate studies and the cooperation with other universities to develop joint programmes.


Axis 1. Teaching quality and improvement of learning
  • A1: Learning and teaching support programme
  • A2: Tutorial plan of action
  • A3: Promotion of internships
  • A4: Modernization of the services and facilities at the Library/CRAI

Axis 2. Internationalization

  • A5: Plan of Action for Multilingualism
  • A6: UPF International Experience project
  • A7: UPF Global Network Initiative project
  • A8: A4U International project

Axis 3: Promotion of postgraduate studies

  • A9: Promotion of postgraduate studies and establishment of the Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Office
  • A10: Plan for promoting postgraduate schools in the UPF Group

Axis 4. Cooperation project with other universities

  • A11: Implementation of cross-disciplinary bachelor's degrees
  • A12: Bimodal teaching cooperation projects (UPF-UOC)

Research and Knowledge Transfer

In the field of scientific improvement and knowledge transfer, the CEI UPF - Icària project aims to position the university and its strategic partners as a pole of excellence in research, strengthening its international outreach and the transfer of results to society. So, in almost two years since the granting of the CEI label, all strategic lines included in the program have been developed and all planned actions have been started, contributing to the current position of the university and its aggregation.

In this field, three priority areas for action have been established: the creation or consolidation of research infrastructures; initiatives to attract and to promote talent, and the promotion of research and transfer support structures.


Axis 1. Research infrastructures
  • B1: UPF-Social Sciences and Humanities Research Park
  • B2: Setting-up a UPF-UOC interuniversity centre for research on moral and political theory

Axis 2. Promotion and attraction of talent

  • B3: Talent attraction and transnational mobility project
  • B4: Mobility programme for young PhD holders as part of the A4U

Axis 3. Research and transfer support structures

  • B5: European A4U Office in Brussels (OPERA)
  • B6: Strategic knowledge transfer plan

Development of a comprehensive social model and local and business community outreach

The project strengthened the relationship between the University and the various groups with which it interacts.

To do this, in the first place, closer ties and new collaborations with entities that are part of the aggregation have been established. As examples, actions developed jointly with the A4U (see A8, B4 or B5, among others); with the teaching strategic associates (A9, A10 or A11, among others) and with its strategic associates for developing research and transfer activities (B1, B4, B5 or B6, among others).

In the second place, the project also prioritized a series of actions to strengthen ties with members of the university community, improving the range of services and activities to these groups. Thus, this section describes the three actions foreseen in the 2010 project, without prejudice to other actions such as the already mentioned that, despite being described in the teaching and scientific improvement fields of action, also contribute to the development of an integrated campus environment.


Three actions have been developed:

  • C1: UPF Alumni programme
  • C2: E-administration implementation project
  • C3: Plan of action for a comprehensive model of student participation