Chaired by the UPF rector, the CEI UPF - Icària Scientific Council includes, among its members, teaching and research staff with an international standing.


The Council meets once a year in the UPF Campus. The constituent session will be held soon. 

Main functions

  • To validate both the University model and the CEI UPF - Icària project, mainly in the actions related to the development of graduate studies, research activities and transfer actions
  • To propose new initiatives and projects to develop


  • Chair: Dr. Jaume Casals (UPF's rector)
  • Dr. Luis Serrano (UPF; CRG)
  • Dr. Jordi Galí (UPF; CREI)
  • Dra. Núria Sebastián (UPF; ERC Scientific Council)
  • Dr. Ezio Biglieri (UCLA)
  • Dra. Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University)
  • Dr. Manuel Castells (UC Berkeley; University of Southern California; UOC)