The UPF25 Years strategy looking ahead to 2015 was drawn up and approved in the year between the two calls for the International Campus of Excellence programme. This is important because the CEI UPF - Icària project is nurtured by this theoretical framework and, accordingly, both the project and the strategy share the same vision looking ahead to 2015.

UPF shall become one of the leading European universities developing a unique identity of its own characterised by quality teaching, proximity to students, a high level of internationalisation and emphasis on research and innovation. The University's three specialist fields - social and human sciences, biomedical sciences and information and communication technologies - place the individual and the relationship between the University and its setting at the heart of the University project.
UPF25 Years vision

The goal of the CEI UPF - Icària project is to speed up this process for attaining excellence and international outreach to which the University has been committed since it was founded. Indeed, it forms the basis of the UPF25 Years strategy, and this goal is strengthened thanks to the strategic associates highlighted in this project.