The UPF25 Years strategy lays the theoretical foundations for the CEI UPF - Icària project. The strategy focuses on four areas of action - efficiently governed and managed - which coincide with the priority areas for action set out in the CEI 2010 programme.

The five strategic goals of the UPF25 Years strategy are detailed below under each specific area along with the framework for governance:

Knowledge creation axis: research
Establishing UPF as a research institution with a calling for international excellence enabling it to attract talent and to strengthen its current standing by improving research infrastructure.

Knowledge transmission axis: teaching
Consolidating the current teaching model in line with the European education framework with an innovative teaching and learning model that underlines the quality and competitiveness of the studies offered by UPF, focusing particularly on setting up suitable support systems.

Knowledge transfer axis
Planning and developing teaching and research to favour knowledge transfer and innovation in society in conjunction with the main social and business players within the University's setting.

Internationalisation axis
Designing a global strategy to enable the University to achieve the international presence, standing and prominence characteristic of an institution with such high quality in terms of research and teaching.

Framework of governance and efficient management (internal action)
Strengthening an institutional structure that helps to reach the goals set out in the UPF25 Years strategy, reviewing internal governance and the structure of the UPF Group. The instruments for management shall also be adapted, promoting greater cohesion in the university model. The goal is also to define a more varied, sustainable funding model.