The CEI UPF - Icària project is a collective initiative that involves the entire University community and the institutions that make up the strategic aggregation. Thus, we propose a model of governance and management that, based on existing structures, incorporates the entities that comprise the project's strategic aggregation.

In order to ensure the achievement of the project objectives and the implementation of the planned actions and to include the various wills and sensibilities, the following structure is proposed.


CEI UPF - ICÀRIA Organization chart

Esquema governança   

General Management

The management of the CEI UPF - Icària project - which includes a scientific council, a business council and the strategic aggregation - rests with the vice-rectorate for Science Policy, who in turn reports to the UPF Board of Directors.

Management Support

The management support, general management dependent, oversees the implementation of the CEI UPF - Icària project. To this end, it has a Technical Secretariat, a Data Analysis Unit and a Communication Office, and is also supported by the people in charge of every action in the different fields of activity.

Main functions

  • To develop an institutional communication plan.
  • To supervise the implementation of the project.
  • To elaborate the budget.
  • Accountability.