Why the fuss about data privacy?

Why the fuss about data privacy?


A 60-minute interactive session communicating the risks and benefits of data sharing within the context of corporate interests and educational research (using examples from real apps). The session is titled, Why the fuss about data privacy? – A primer on data privacy for students.

The Learning Objectives of the session are:

  • Understand why data is being collected (by companies, government, research);
  • Become aware of what personal data is being collected;
  • Become aware of why personal data is being collected (to serve what purposes);
  • Practice informing oneself before consenting to sharing data;
  • The benefits of data sharing;
  • The risks of data sharing;
  • Data management processes;
  • Relevant legislation and policies,

Activities to be done during the workshop

  • Individual and collaborative activities.

Main goal: To improve student awareness of data risks and ethics among student participants and emphasize the the need for data privacy literature and legislation.

Audience: Students. Most relevant for high school/higher education.

Question/s related to the workshop:

  • How can Google, Facebook, Snapchat be worth so much yet be free to use? How do they make money? How does data help them?
  • How can you benefit from data you share?
  • What data have you already shared? What did you get in return?
  • In this session we will discuss the costs (risks) and the benefits of data sharing – emphasizing that nothing is “free”.

Competencies/Learning Objectives:

  • Be aware of what is known and what to learn.
  • Use techniques to consolidate and retrieve learning