Back TIDE with its projects DICOLED, ABPxODS, RemixED, VOLCANIC projects participate in the SteamConf Barcelona 2024

TIDE with its projects DICOLED, ABPxODS, RemixED, VOLCANIC projects participate in the SteamConf Barcelona 2024


Imatge inicial

Last week we enjoyed the STEAMconference Barcelona 2024. It hosted several events for our TIDE research group.

First, TIDE had its own stand during the three days, with which we were able to introduce and extend what the DICOLED, VOLCANIC, RemixED projects (and other projects of the group) were about and what it involves to the people and professionals who attended the conference cycle.

It was also a meeting point with whom he had received nominations at the DICOLED Awards, as well as others who were interested in our work and wanted information about the project. We were also able to take the to project our virtual space in

In addition, on the first day (Thursday 18 April) we had the opportunity to start a blended workshop, in which interested participants were able to work with different materials of the kit DICOLED, accompany these people in their process, advise them and create network.

On the other hand, TIDE group members Patricia Santos and Khadija El Aadmi participated as "local peers" in sessions facilitated by Randi Williams, a researcher from MIT who would also be part of the DICOLED Awards ceremony days later. Khadija El Aadmi took part in the immersive session "EmpowerED: The Ultimate AI Tool for Teachers," which focused on implementing a needs analysis of the teaching staff and, from this analysis, reflecting on the limitations and potentials of using AI to address these issues, ultimately aiming to create a prototype application. Patricia Santos collaborated in a session called "AI Throughout the Day," where they conducted a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence, which served as both a guide and demonstration of AI tools in everyday life, while also training participants in developing a machine learning model using online code.

Moreover, the TIDE (Davinia Hernández-Leo, Marc Beardsley) led other workshops related to two other of our projects, related to Project-Based Learning and the Sustainable Development Goals (ABPxODS), and the science of stress applied to education (RemixED). 

We ended our participation on Saturday, April 20 with the DICOLED Awards ceremony. The conference began with a conversation between Randi Williams, MIT researcher, and Davinia Hernández-Leo. Then the winners of the DICOLED awards were announced. 

It was exciting to be able to meet the DICOLED team with Rosa Sensat’s colleagues, the jury and all the people nominated in the same space, to share this ceremony that culminates a process of great effort and dedication on all sides.


Once again, we want to thank and recognize the high quality of the REOs we received, both the nominees and those that were not selected, as well as the great work done by our collaborators of the Rosa Sensat Teachers Association and the powerful team of juries that made the selection of nominations and winners.

Finally, to give the deserved recognition to the STEAMconference team, to receive us in such a good way and for its incessant work for the organization and correct dynamization of the days, we enjoyed a very satisfactory reception.

We close the STEAMconf experience with good perspectives and a very positive return, through the interactions that were given from having our own stand, the realization of a blended workshop and the delivery of the DICOLED Awards!





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