Mobile devices for english teaching: How does Duolingo for Schools work?

Mobile devices for English teaching: How does Duolingo for Schools work?

Mobile devices for English teaching: How does Duolingo for Schools work?

Mobile devices for English teaching: How does Duolingo for Schools work?


The learning of English is one of the areas with greatest inequalities in Barcelona, especially due to differences in extracurricular support for students. The lockdown due to covid-19 has exacerbated this inequality due to interruptions to regular classes in schools, unequal abilities for families to provide support during this period, and the continuation of learning through extracurricular activities by only some of the students.

The project titled “Education in the digital age:  Blended English Learning in Barcelona Schools”, under execution thanks to a grant from the US Department of State International Exchange Alumni office, with the support of the US Consulate General in Barcelona aims to reflect on, evaluate and practice language teaching through mobile technologies, with a special focus on the more vulnerable communities, and seeks to foster the introduction of educational technology to the English classroom, including its seamless integration in the case of periods of blended or totally virtual teaching. For this purpose, experience in blended practices will be provided to teachers by co-designing learning experiences in primary and secondary school.

The Duolingo application will be introduced as a tool to support teachers in designing blended learning using mobile tools. Duolingo is a free, multiplatform language application that guides students through a series of gamified tasks designed by applying the principles of distributed learning. Duolingo for Schools is the specific tool targeting teachers so that they can integrate it into their classes.

Reference project:

“Education in the digital age: Blended English Learning in Barcelona Schools: introducing Duolingo in vulnerable primary and secondary settings”, funded by a grant from the Department of State International Exchange Alumni office, managed with the support of the US Consulate General in Barcelona.


Free online workshop (registration required using this form)

NEW Date! 06/05/2021, 17:00h - 18:30h

Content (course offered in Spanish)

During the workshop, participants will be presented with some theoretical and practical issues linked to the use of mobile devices in general, and Duolingo in particular. Participants will be invited during the workshop to reflect on their practices, in order to support the design of learning approaches adapted to their interests and needs. After the workshop, participants will be offered the opportunity to receive individual support to design and implement pilot use cases in their classes.

  • Mobile devices in English teaching. What can they offer?
  • The science behind Duolingo. Why is it designed like that?
  • How does Duolingo for Schools, the tool for educators, work?
  • Proposals of use



Past dates: 02/03/2021, 17:00h - 18:30h





Main goal: Helping English Teachers to be familiar with possibilities offered by mobile devices for English learning and the usage of Duolingo in learning activities (in the classroom or outside).

Audience: English Teachers. Applicable to all levels but most relevant for primary and secondary education.

Questions related to the workshop:

  • What are the critical elements that need to be considered when using mobile devices for English learning?
  • How to design learning activities using Duolingo?

Competencies/learning objectives:

  • Knowledge on general aspects to consider when using mobile devices for English learning.
  • Knowledge of the science of learning behind the Duolingo application.
  • Ability towards teachers to decide which strategy best adapts to day-today classroom English learning