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Milica Vujovic defended her doctoral thesis today!

Milica Vujovic defended her doctoral thesis today!



TIDE celebrates the graduation of Milica Vujovic, who defended today her PhD thesis:

doctoral thesis: Studying collaborative learning space design with multimodal learning analytics,
supervised by Dr. Davinia Hernández-Leo

Evaluation committee:

Dr. Abelardo Pardo (University of South Australia);

Dra. Mar Pérez-Sanagustín (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III);

Dra. Jonna Malmberg (University of Oulu)

Derived publications:


Book chapter

Vujovic, M., & Hernández-Leo, D., MartinezMaldonado, R., Cukurova, M., Spikol, D., (TBD). ‘Multimodal Learning Analytics and the Design of Learning Spaces’. (book chapter submitted)


Manuscript ready to be submitted

Vujovic, M., Hernández-Leo, D. (TBD). ‘How do table shape, group size, and gender affect on-task actions in collaborative learning activities?’ (to be submitted)


Journal paper

Vujovic, M., Hernández‐Leo, D., Tassani, S., & Spikol, D. (2020). ‘Round or rectangular tables for collaborative problem solving? A multimodal learning analytics study’. British Journal of Educational Technology, 51(5), 1597-1614. 


Journal paper

Vujovic, M., Amarasinghe I., Hernández-Leo, D. (2021). ‘Studying collaboration dynamics in physical learning spaces using Epistemic Network Analysis’, Sensors, 21(9):2898.


Journal paper

Beardsley, M., Martínez Moreno, J., Vujovic, M., Santos, P., & Hernández‐Leo, D. (2020). ‘Enhancing consent forms to support participant decision making in multimodal learning data research’. British Journal of Educational Technology, 51(5), 1631-1652




Conference paper

Beardsley, M., Vujovic, M., Theophilou, E., Hernández-Leo, D., & Tresserra, M. P. (July 2020). ‘The challenge of gathering self-reported moods: Cases using a classroom orchestration tool’. In 2020 IEEE 20th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) (pp. 355-359). IEEE.


Workshop paper

Amarasinghe, I., Vujovic, M., & Hernández-Leo, D. (2020). ‘Towards teacher orchestration load-aware teacher-facing dashboards’. In Giannakos, M., Spikol, D.., Molenaar, I., Di Mitri, D., Sharma, K., Ochoa, X., Hammad, R., editors. Proceedings of CrossMMLA in practice: Collecting, annotating and analyzing multimodal data across spaces co-located with 10th International Learning and Analytics Conference (LAK 2020); 2020 Mar 24. Aachen: CEUR; 2020. p. 7-10. CEUR Workshop Proceedings.


Related to the journal paper: Amarasinghe, I., Hernández-Leo, D., Michos, K., Vujovic, M. (early access) ‘An Actionable Orchestration Dashboard to Enhance Collaboration in the Classroom’, IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. DOI: 10.1109/TLT.2020.3028597

W1, J4

Conference paper

Vujovic, M., Hernández-Leo, D. (2019). ‘Shall we learn together in loud spaces? Towards understanding the effects of sound in collaborative learning environments’, International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Lyon, France, pp. 891-892. 


Conference paper

Vujovic, M., Tassani, S., & Hernández-Leo, D. (September 2019). ‘Motion capture as an instrument in multimodal collaborative learning analytics’. In European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (pp. 604-608). Springer, Cham


Conference demo paper

Beardsley, M., Vujovic, M., Portero-Tresserra, M., & Hernández-Leo, D. (September 2019). ‘ClassMood app: a classroom orchestration tool for identifying and influencing student moods’. In European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (pp. 723-726). Springer, Cham.








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