Design and program your own interactive video game with Scratch and Makey-Makey


This course will teach you how to program using Scratch, a visual programming language that is very easy to use. And even more incredible, you will learn the fundamental principles of programming so that you start to think like an engineer. Additionally, you will learn to build interactive interfaces (visual, auditory and tactile), with devices such as the Makey-Makey kit while you practice basic programming concepts and algorithms, with the aim that you can share and take it on the last day of the course, Take your own video game home!

The course will least between 8 and 20 hours (to choose and agree on demand).

Activities to be done during the workshop

  1. Introduction to the basic concepts of programming.
  2. Introduction to the development of computer games using the Scratch platform.
  3. Development of small video games to put into practice the concepts of programming learned.
  4. Introduction of interactive elements to video games (audio and video).
  5. Creation of tangible interfaces with the Makey Makey kit.
  6. Design of an own computer game.
  7. Programming and development of own game designed previously.
  8. Sharing and evaluation of final projects.

Links to tools/resources/projects

  • Link to the online tool which will be used during the workshop.

Main goal: Explore the fundamental principles of programming using Scratch and explore the potentialities of physical computing through Makey-Makey. Moreover, understand and implement the process of designing and developing computer games.
Audience: children from 10 till 16 years old.
Question/s related to the workshop:

  • Have you ever thought about creating your own video games but had no idea how to do it or where to start?

Competencies/Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the fundamental principles of programming.
  • Understand and implement the process of designing and developing computer games.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge learned during the course sharing the work done with classmates.