Blended Learning Design Contest

Are you an educator that apply blended learning approaches in your teaching?

@UPF_TIDE launches the first “Blended Learning Design” Contest

With a total of 1000 € for Best Design Awards

Participate documenting your awesome designs that blend face-to-face and online learning activities using the ILDE/edCrumble platform! Check tutorial and participate!

Deadline September 12th!


Contest rules:


The Interactive & Distributed Technologies for Education (TIDE) research group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (UPF) has created this contest to promote the creation and sharing of learning designs (documented lessons plans / teaching practices) in the ILDE/edCrumble educational platform with two aims: disseminating the technology developed by the research group and collecting data within the framework of a research project about blended learning.

First. Aim of the call

TIDE UPF launches for the first time a contest within the framework of a research about blended learning, the creation and sharing of blended learning designs (teaching practices) to exchange knowledge among the teaching community in general. The call is addressed to teachers, of any educational level and context (elementary school, secondary school, higher education…) who will be able to participate individually or in teams.

Second. Requirements Aim of the call

 1. Being a teacher or a team of teachers.

 2. The learning design which will be documented should combine face-to-face and online learning.

 3. The learning design which will be documented should go further than a proposition or a concept, i.e., it should have been applied with students at least once.

 4. The design should be documented in the ILDE/edCrumble platform There will be a user guide available for the applicants to help them during the process.

 5. The applicants commit to be interviewed on video in case their project turns out winning or nominated, for dissemination purposes.

 6. The applicants must accept that the submitted design will be shared in the ILDE/edCrumble platform with a creative commons CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonComercial-ShareAlike) license, and that it may be subject of dissemination, in case the prize evaluation committee proposes so.

 7. The applicants must accept that, by participating in this contest, all submitted designs and their anonymised ILDE/edCrumble data will be analysed with research purposes.

Third. Submission of designs

The design will be submitted using this form.

Fourth. Deadline

This call will remain open until 12th September 2018.

Fifth. Prize

First prize with 800€. The evaluation committee will be able to propose up to 2 mentions with 100€ each. Winners and finalists will receive mention diplomas.

Sixth. Composition of the evaluation committee and evaluation criteria 

The evaluation committee’s resolution will be without appeal, it will be announced during the second half of June 2018 in the website and the applicants will be informed by email. 

The evaluation commission will take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Design relevance and originality (10 points)

  • Use of ICTs and blended learning (15 points)
    Designs which include educational technologies in and outside the classroom activities will be an asset.
    Designs which include online learning in addition to face-to-face classes will be an asset.

  • Use of one or several learning methodologies/models/patterns (Flipped Classroom, Problem Based Learning…). (15 points) 

  • Degree of documentation of the in and out-the-classroom activities (30 points)
    Detailed designs will be an asset: detailed descriptions of the activities and their tasks, student workload types (individual, groups…), assessment, etc.

  • Degree of documentation of the student’s experience with the design (15 points)
    Provision of empirical data about the design’s impact on the students (Learning Analytics). Learning results/satisfaction of the students (questionnaires, reports...)

  • Sharing of educational resources used in the design (15 points)
    Not only mentioning, but sharing the resources used in the design for them to be openly shared and reused will be an asset.

The threshold scores for receiving the prize is 60 points. The prize and the mentions can be declared null and void.

The evaluation commission will be formed by three researchers from the TIDE-UPF research group.