Communities of learning design: Co-design learning activities

Communities of learning design: Co-design your learning activities


One of the competencies proposed by the European Framework for the Digital Competencies of Educators is that of professional collaboration in the digital world. Activities such as involvement in  in professional collaborative networks can help teachers to explore and reflect on new pedagogic practices and methods.

There are currently many technologies which facilitate the planning, design and implementation of learning scenarios for students. This can be performed individually from teachers and educational practitioners by selecting the appropriate tools and methodologies that fit in their own context.

However, with the advent of Web 2.0, teachers frequently use social tools to search, share and re-use educational activities and resources as part of their preparation for their classroom activities. Although there has been lately a focus in the sharing of learning resources, limited examples of social tools exist for the sharing of learning activities sequences or known as “learning designs”. The sharing and co-creation of learning activities sequences can help educational practitioners to switch the focus from content and resources to the actual learning processes and methods towards more active learning for their students.

Participants will get to know a community platform for learning design - ILDE2 and explore its individual and social space. The individual space of the environment enables the creation and management of learning scenarios with different learning design tools. The social space includes the browsing of community members activity and designs and an analytics panel which all aim to facilitate awareness and knowledge creation within a community for learning design.

Activities to be done during the workshop

The workshop has a duration of 2 hours. The main activities are the following:

  • Participants get to know examples of social tools and professional networks for the creation and sharing of learning activities.
  • Participants register in ILDE2- a community platform for learning design.
  • Participants explore the individual and social space of ILDE2.
  • Activity 1: Creation, modification and sharing of a learning design with different access rights.
  • Activity 2: Tagging and browsing of learnIng designs based on folksonomies.
  • Activity 3: Peer-feedback: Providing feedback in others' learning designs with comments.
  • Activity 4: Awareness and knowledge creation: Browsing of an analytics dashboard which facilitates awareness of social activities within the ILDE2 community.

Links to tools/resources/projects

Main goal: The objective of this workshop is to explore co-design methods for the creation of learning activities and lessons with a community environment for learning design - ILDE2.

Audience: Teachers in all educational levels, educational designers.

Question/s related to the workshop:

  • How do you usually search and share ideas for your learning activities?
  • Do you want to know social tools for the creation of learning activities?
  • Do you want to experience an integrated environment for the co-design of learning situations?
  • Do you want to be a member of a professional learning design community?

Competencies/Learning Objectives:

  • Professional collaboration:
    • Explore co-design methods and social tools for the creation of learning activities and lessons.
    • Differentiate between individual and social processes in the design of learning situations with examples.
  • Creating and modifying digital resources:
    • Practice the creation of a learning activity with the ILDE2 community platform for learning design.
  • Managing, protecting and sharing digital resources:
    • Practice the social features of ILDE2 for co-design methods.