Vés enrere Research Forum: The (Mis)Perception of Inequality: Do Institutions Matter?

Research Forum: The (Mis)Perception of Inequality: Do Institutions Matter?


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The next Research Forum session of the academic year 2023-2024

The Department of Political and Social Sciences invites DCPIS members, PhD, and Master students.

It will be hosted by Jorge Rodríguez (UPF), Professor in the Department of Political and Social Science at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

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PresentationThe (Mis)Perception of Inequality: Do Institutions Matter?

Speaker: Simone Maria Schneider (UPF) 

Chair: Jorge RodríguezUniversitat Pompeu Fabra.

Date: Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Time: 12pm - 1:30pm CEST

Room: 40.035 Sala de graus Albert Calsamiglia

Building: Roger de Llúria


This will be a hybrid event that you can attend in person or online.

Zoom Link: https://upf-edu.zoom.us/j/94666657334

Meeting ID: TBA


The rise of economic inequality in countries around the globe is causing societal and political concern. How individuals perceive and respond to inequalities and social policies varies between societies and social groups; yet its contextual causes are still underexplored. Drawing upon cross-national data, Simone Schneider will present an overview of her past and ongoing work on the public’s perception of inequality and justice, as well as institutional inequalities enshrined in social policy frameworks. In this context, she will introduce the PERGAP project which aims to advance knowledge on the societal causes leading to the (mis)perception of economic inequality by developing new instruments for the assessment and comparison of the institutional structure of welfare states and investigating their impact on perception and justification processes across different structural and cultural settings.

About the speaker:

Simone M. Schneider is professor (tenure-track) at UPF. She previously held a senior researcher position at the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy in Munich (2017-2021) and a postdoctoral researcher position at Trinity College Dublin (2015-2017). Since December 2022, Simone is leading a project on "The (Mis)Perception of Economic Inequality. The Impact of Welfare State Institutions on Social Perception and Preference Formation (PERGAP)” funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant 2021. Generally, her research applies advanced statistical methods to analyse the legitimation and reproduction of social inequality. Her overarching aim is to better understand how individuals perceive and legitimate inequalities and related social policies, how perceptions and justification patterns are shaped by the socio-political context, and how individuals emotionally and behaviorally respond to inequalities, related social policies and the perception thereof. 



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