Nutrimedia is a Spanish nutritional information website for the general public released in 2017. One of its key content is the evaluation of the credibility of messages about nutrition and health, based on the best scientific evidence available. Nutrimedia evaluates four types of messages: food myths, news from the press and advertising claims, identified and selected by the team of researchers based on its experience, and questions posed by the public in a questionnaire survey. The objective is to make plain language explanations and friendly presentations available to the public regarding the degree of certainty of evidence for messages on which the information is dubious or contradictory, such as "drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health" or "a gluten-free diet is beneficial for healthy adults".

The scientific methodology coupled with the use of plain language to explain the process, the results and their implications is a distinctive feature of Nutrimedia. We have a protocol for the evaluation of all nutritional messages. After formulating a structured clinical question in a PICO format (patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome) associated with a specific message, the best available scientific evidence is identified and selected following a pragmatic approach, prioritizing clinical guidelines and systematic reviews. The evaluation of the quality of the evidence about the effects of nutritional interventions is conducted using the GRADE approach. Based on this evaluation, the certainty level of a specific message is classified into five categories: true, probably true, probably false, false, and uncertain. In order to facilitate the understanding of the most difficult concepts, short videos and interactive summary of findings tables are also produced. In addition to summaries on the website, detailed technical reports are also produced.

Nutrimedia is a project of the Observatory of Scientific Communication of the Pomepu Fabra University in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre. The Nutrimedia team includes experts in the methodology of medical research, nutrition and communication. It is partially funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.