The focus of the Audio Signal Processing Lab of the MTG is to advance in the understanding of sound and music signals by combining signal processing and machine learning methods. We work both on data-driven methodologies, in which the development and use of large data collections is a fundamental aspect, and on knowledge-driven approaches, in which domain knowledge of the problem to be addressed is needed. Combining these research approaches, we are able to tackle practical problems related to automatic sound and music description, music exploration and recommendation, and tools for supporting music education.


Xavier Serra, Faculty, Head of lab Andrés Ferraro, PhD student
Bariş Bozkurt, collaborator António Ramires, PhD student
Rafael Caro Repettocollaborator Philip Tovstogan, PhD student
Frederic Font, Postdoc Pablo Zinemanas, PhD student
Dmitry Bogdanov, Postdoc Jyoti Narang, PhD student
Marius Miron, Postdoc Pablo Alonso, PhD student
Alastair Porter, Researcher Alia Morsi, PhD student
Vsevolod Eremenko, Researcher Hyon Kim, PhD student
Jorge Marcos, Researcher Nazif Can Tamer, PhD student
Xavier Favory, PhD student Benno Weck, PhD student
Minz Won, PhD student Miguel Perez, PhD student
Eduardo Fonseca, PhD student Guillem Cortès, PhD student