The current focus of the Audio Signal Processing Lab of the MTG is to combine audio signal processing methods with machine learning and semantic technologies in order to create large and structured sound and music collections and to extract useful musical knowledge from them. Our research is partly supported by several EU and national projects.


Xavier Serra, Faculty, Head of lab Xavier Favory,  PhD  student
Bariş Bozkurt, Postdoc Eduardo Fonseca, PhD student
Dmitry Bogdanov, Postdoc Minz Won, PhD student
Frederic Font, Postdoc     Alastair Porter, Researcher
Sankalp Gulati, Postdoc  Andrés Ferraro, Researcher
Rafael Caro Repetto,  PhD  student   Oriol Romaní, Researcher
Rong Gong PhD  student Emir Demirel, Master student
Sergio Oramas PhD  student Vsevolod Eremenko, Master student
Jordi Pons, PhD student